Rabu, 18 April 2018

Healthy Kids Cookbook

Healthy Kids Cookbook
By:"Alina Nancy"
Published on 2017-01-02 by

These kid-friendly recipes are packed with nutritious fresh ingredients that won't take precious hours to prepare. There are great dishes to choose from, so whether you're cooking a meal for the family - or entertaining good friends - you'll enjoy making and sharing these beautiful recipes.Help kids get the nutrients they need with wholesome ingredients found in these healthy snacks for kids, healthy breakfast recipes, healthy dinner ideas and more top-rated recipes that the whole family will enjoy.tag : kids recipe book,kids recipes,kids cookbook,kids cooking book,kids diet,healthy eating,healthy recipes,natural recipes,natural diet,increase energy

This Book was ranked 30 by Google Books for keyword recipes for kids.

Selasa, 17 April 2018

My Kitchen Table: 100 Great Chicken Recipes

My Kitchen Table: 100 Great Chicken Recipes
By:"Ainsley Harriott"
Published on 2012-01-05 by Random House

If there's one chef who can create 100 chicken recipes, it is Ainsley Harriott. In his second book in the My Kitchen Table series, Ainsley showcases an incredible range of flavours, cooking styles and dishes using the nation's favourite ingredient, chicken. From an oven-baked harissa chicken with cumin sweet potatoes to chilli chicken burgers and soy-poached chicken breasts with pak choi, who knew chicken could be so exciting? This is a must-have cookbook for everybody who likes chicken.

This Book was ranked 15 by Google Books for keyword recipes with chicken.

Senin, 16 April 2018

The Great Vegan Bean Book

The Great Vegan Bean Book
By:"Kathy Hester"
Published on 2013-05-21 by Fair Winds Press

DIV Garbanzo. Cannellini. Fava. Calypso. Edamame. Adzuki. It’s true: beans have the coolest names ever. But besides that, they’re also one of nature’s most perfect foods. Packed with protein, nutrients, and flavor, you might even call them a vegan’s #1 best friend (don’t worry, we won’t tell the trail mix, veggies, or French fries!). But with so much versatility and variety, where does one begin? Right inside these very pages, that’s where. In The Great Vegan Bean Book, author Kathy Hester primes you on everything you need to know about the best way to cook—and eat!—every bean you’ve ever seen (and a few you probably haven’t). From soaking times, to cooking times, to what to purée, to what to sauté, you’ll be dancing delicious circles around those legumes in no time. Not only that, but you’ll also get to try your hand—or is it your mouth?—at some of the tastiest, most innovative bean recipes in this lentil-filled land. From beanalicious burritos, to pretty-pea curry, to legume-laced blondies, you’ll be partying protein-style, every meal of the day! /div

This Book was ranked 31 by Google Books for keyword recipe for chili.

Sabtu, 14 April 2018

The Wreath Recipe Book

The Wreath Recipe Book
By:"Alethea Harampolis","Jill Rizzo"
Published on 2014-10 by Artisan Books

Presents instructions for creating seasonal weaths, garlands, wall hangings, and table centerpieces using flowers, flowering tree branches, leaves, and grasses, with a discussion on tools, supplies, and cutting and attachment techniques.

This Book was ranked 2 by Google Books for keyword recipe book.

Jumat, 13 April 2018

The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids

The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids
By:"Ruby Roth"
Published on 2016-04-05 by Andrews McMeel Publishing

Experts tell us the best way to teach kids healthy eating habits is to involve them in the process. This irresistibe cookbook presents 60 appealing recipes kids will beg to make themselves, in fun and charming illustrations they will love. Bursting with color, humor, cute animal characters, and cool facts (Did you know your brain actually shrinks when you’re dehydrated? Drink water, quick!), Help Yourself empowers children to take charge of their own nutrition — for now and for life! Recipes include: fun-to-munch hand-held snacks like Life Boats bright fruit-flavored drinks like Tickled Pink the always-popular things on toast like Leprechaun Tracks salads they will actually eat like Tiger Stripes cozy small meals like Tomato Tornado and sweets like chocolatey Disappearing Dots, because everybody likes candy! Excerpt from the Intro: Since the day you were born, someone has been making you food and serving you meals (that’s the life!). But wait a minute...what’s that on the end of your arm? Why, it’s a hand! And it turns out you need little more than your own two hands and a few ingredients to help yourself to healthy foods...and help the world, while you’re at it! Because from the tip of your nose to the tip of an iceberg, the food we eat affects our bodies, our environment, and even strangers on the other side of the planet. It's amazing but true.

This Book was ranked 8 by Google Books for keyword recipes for kids.

Kamis, 12 April 2018

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen
By:"Sara E. Cotner","Kylie D'Alton"
Published on 2012-07-01 by Createspace Independent Pub

A step-by-step guide to cooking with kids ages 18 months to 9 years: Have you noticed that your child wants to do everything you're doing? Even young children are fascinated by the world of adult work. Bring them into the kitchen with you and seize the opportunity to help them develop their independence, confidence, critical thinking, and coordination! This step-by-step guide includes everything you need to get started: an overview of the benefits of cooking with children, the details of making your kitchen kid-friendly, sequenced beginner skills to prepare your young child for cooking, and ten tried-and-true pictorial recipes for your child to follow from easy to more complex with minimal adult support. They'll have fun and learn along the way!

This Book was ranked 39 by Google Books for keyword recipes for kids.

The Princess and the Frog: Tiana's Cookbook

The Princess and the Frog: Tiana's Cookbook
By:"Disney Book Group"
Published on 2009-10-06 by Disney Press

Set in Jazz Age New Orleans, The Princess and the Frog introduces Tiana, a young African-American girl who dreams of owning her own restaurant. This kid-friendly cookbook features recipes inspired by Tiana and the other characters in the film. With simple instructions, large photographs, and charming character art, the book features everything from Tiana’s Famous Beignets and Swamp-Water Smoothies to Ray's Mud Pie and Banana French Toast. A five-frog rating system lets kids know how difficult the recipes are, and cooking tips are sprinkled throughout.

This Book was ranked 29 by Google Books for keyword recipes for kids.


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