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What to Have for Dinner

What to Have for Dinner
By:"Fannie Merritt Farmer"
Published on 1905 by

This Book was ranked 18 by Google Books for keyword recipes for dinner.

Selasa, 06 Februari 2018

Good Food: Healthy chicken recipes

Good Food: Healthy chicken recipes
By:"Barney Desmazery"
Published on 2014-03-27 by Random House

Packed full of recipes for succulent and wholesome chicken dishes for all occassions -whether you fancy a quick and delicious dinner but want to avoid the takeaway, want a healthy and satisfying lunch for work or just want to tuck in to your favourite meal without feeling guilty. From food perfect for feeding a crowd to fuss-free and scrumptious one-pan dishes, Healthy chicken recipes is the perfect companion for mouth-watering chicken dishes every time. Triple-tested by the trusted experts at Good Food and accompanied by a colour photograph for each recipe, you in cook in perfect confidence.

This Book was ranked 25 by Google Books for keyword recipes with chicken.

Minggu, 04 Februari 2018

Balancing in Heels

Balancing in Heels
By:"Kristin Cavallari"
Published on 2016-03-15 by Rodale

For the first time ever, entrepreneur, designer, and TV star Kristin Cavallari shares how she juggles all facets of her busy life with style and grace. From outlining health and wellness, food, fitness, fashion, and her success as a businesswoman to more private matters of family, motherhood, and her relationship with her husband, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Kristin leaves no stone unturned to give fans of Laguna Beach and The Hills all of the answers they've been looking for. Tracing her journey from reality stardom to real life--the good, the bad, and the ugly--Kristin digs down to the most personal of relationships in her life and discusses how they made her who she is today. She also talks about the amazing effects of her healthy diet and exercise, which have made Kristin and her family the happiest and healthiest they've ever been. Kristin shares the family's favorite recipes and even reveals how her food philosophy has drastically improved Jay's type 1 diabetes. Balancing in Heels is a behind-the-scenes, in-depth look at who the real Kristin Cavallari is--unscripted.

This Book was ranked 25 by Google Books for keyword recipe for sugar cookies.

Sabtu, 03 Februari 2018

50 Decadent Chicken Recipes

50 Decadent Chicken Recipes
By:"Brenda Van Niekerk"
Published on 2013-11-11 by Brenda Van Niekerk

Try making these easy, decadent chicken recipes. Some of the recipes within the book: Spicy Country Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken, Asparagus Chicken, Honey Glazed Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Pie, Chicken And Black Bean Salad, Crock-pot Cream Cheese Chicken, Crock-pot Chicken Stew, Chicken And Ham With Cheese Sauce, Creamy Chicken Breasts, Lemon Chicken, Lemon Chicken With Golden Raisins, Pineapple Chicken and much, much more...... This recipe book contains delicious, easy to follow recipes.

This Book was ranked 32 by Google Books for keyword recipes with chicken.

Rabu, 31 Januari 2018

Chili Nation

Chili Nation
By:"Jane Stern","Michael Stern"
Published on 1998 by Clarkson Potter

Features recipes for super garlic chili, Havana moon chili, Green Bay chili, yankee bean pot chili, and maple spiked chili with cheddar stars

This Book was ranked 8 by Google Books for keyword recipe for chili.

Selasa, 30 Januari 2018

Recipes Bakery

Recipes Bakery
By:"Susan Angel"
Published on 2014-12-08 by Osmora Incorporated

Best Baker we love to eat. Our passion is good food, you could eat just to survive, but we eat for pleasure! If you are cruising our ebook, you must have the same passion The best bakery recipe ever in this ebook world wide \

This Book was ranked 29 by Google Books for keyword recipe for meatloaf.

A Princess Cookbook

A Princess Cookbook
By:"Sarah L. Schuette"
Published on 2011-01-01 by Capstone


This Book was ranked 14 by Google Books for keyword recipes for kids.


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